Three Little Words - Ashley Rhodes Courtier

Sunday, November 2, 2008
Ashley Rhodes-Courter spent nine years of her life in fourteen different foster homes, living by those words. As her mother spirals out of control, Ashley is left clinging to an unpredictable, dissolving relationship, all the while getting pulled deeper and deeper into the foster care system.

Painful memories of being taken away from her home quickly become consumed by real-life horrors, where Ashley is juggled between caseworkers, shuffled from school to school, and forced to endure manipulative,humiliating treatment from a very abusive foster family. In this inspiring, unforgettable memoir, Ashley finds the courage to succeed - and in doing so, discovers the power of her own voice.

Memoir of a little girl named Ashley and her brother Luke. She was tossed from foster family to foster family and how she finally got a family forever. Very good book and I read it in a day. Addicting and I couldn't believe she was so young. It gives inspiration that anyone can be an author and publish their life story. She's a brave girl.