Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Tuesday, January 25, 2011
Sorry I've been MIA guys! I was really sick with pneumonia and couldn't even think much less read ;)

I was so stoked to read this book - I'd been waiting since Hush Hush flew into my heart. This novel however, wasn't what I was expecting. It started off okay, and then things got bad when  Nora and Patch decided to split. How in the world did Nora turn into this hypocritical, manic depressive, stalker?! I understand the pain she was feeling but she brought it onto herself.

I felt like Nora was deserting all her friends and goes into her own little cove of depression and jealousy. She was a lousy friend and I felt Vee and Patch didn't deserve her. I loved Nora in Hush Hush, but in this book she seemed more desperate and contradictory. She wanted Patch to go away and not be her guardian angel, but then she does dangerous things to test him? Eh?!

I thought the writing was good, I think my biggest problem was with Nora and the ending. I (above most, even) appreciate a good cliffhanger. I think this author went a little overboard. The cliffhanger was so abrupt that I thought too many loose ends weren't tied and she wanted to finish just to meet a dead line. I'm still looking forward to Tempest, and hope Nora is better.



Anonymous said...

I really disliked Nora is this one too. She was a mess lol.

Anonymous said...

Tempest is now renamed Silence

Anonymous said...

I hate nora in this one too she just was a little bit wierd and no sane person would actally behave like that

Harry said...

Really wanting to read this soon!

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