The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

Friday, December 4, 2009
If you had met me a few weeks ago, you probably would have described me as an average teenage girl—someone normal. Now my life has changed forever and I'm as far away from normal as it gets. A living science experiment—not only can I see ghosts, but I was genetically altered by a sinister organization called the Edison Group. What does that mean? For starters, I'm a teenage necromancer whose powers are out of control; I raise the dead without even trying. Trust me, that is not a power you want to have. Ever.

Now I'm running for my life with three of my supernatural friends—a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch—and we have to find someone who can help us before the Edison Group finds us first. Or die trying.

I thought I loved the Summoning, but Kelley outdid herself with the second one! The Awakening had so many twists and turns, as well as constant action that I found myself aching to keep readind and not wanting anyone to bug me. The Edison Group is such an amazing idea for a villan, I think inhumane experiments are very eerie and a good idea for a plot line. With a single villian, it would be easier to conquer but with this group of supernaturals, they don't know what they're up against or what the group has in store and that makes it all the more chilling!

Another thing I really enjoyed about this novel was the character development and the way the characters interacted with each other. You could tell Chloe was starting to somewhat come to terms with her ability and used them a little more to her advantage but some of the scenes gave me chills, so I can only imagine how frightening it was for her. Simon and Derek are sweet together and make such good brothers, I'd wished there was a little more dialoge between the two of them.

Chloe and Derek. Need I say more? They make the cutest pair and I can't wait to read more about them. I'm so happy that Kelley Armstrong didn't write Chloe and Simon together as much and making Derek, the awkward and quiet guy, the one in the spotlight. That thrilled me to no end! I can't wait for the third book in the series to find out what happens next! More, more, more!



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