Bad Girls Don't Die - Katie Alender

Friday, January 22, 2010
High-school junior Alexis seems to be the class bad girl, complete with snide remarks, rebellious attitude, and listless motivation. At home, her overachieving mom has alienated her more laid-back dad, while her obsessed, 13-year-old sister, Kasey, periodically morphs from a blue-eyed, ordinary girl to a green-eyed, evil child plotting against others in their small town. What has possessed Kasey and their family’s beautiful Victorian home?

From the start I thought this book would be more than a ghost story and I was right. I absolutely loved it - all of the characters had such depth and substance, which was something I enjoyed about it. I could really relate to Alexis, trying to find her own and her love of photography made me feel even closer to her. How cool is it that she has pink hair and a bathroom turned dark room?! ;)

This book was great for a debut novel, I thought it was very creepy and sinister. I've always found the types of dolls that Kasey collected to be completey eerie, and this just confirms my thoughts! I also really did find myself being torn between blaming Kasey or being on Alexis' side and wondering if it really was her sister or just a misunderstanding or a coincidence. I did find myself looking over my shoulder a time or two.

The ending was a bit bland for me compared to the beginning and middle, but I don't think it brought the book down. Loved it, and how awesome is the cover? It's beautiful!



fredamans said...

I love creepy stories! Great review!

Jill of The O.W.L. said...

One of my students read this book and she said it was super creeepy! I love a good ghost story, so I'll need to read it. Have you read The Devouring?

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