Maybe - Brent Runyon

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Maybe everything will be different here. Maybe I should drive away and never come back. Maybe my brother didn't mean to. Maybe my brother was right. Maybe I can get someone to have sex with me. Maybe no one will ever love me. Maybe I should be an actor. Maybe I shouldn't pretend to be deaf.

Maybe if I mouth the words no one will know I'm not singing. But maybe someone, somehow, will hear me anyway.  

This one is very moving and I enjoyed watching the journey that Brian goes on through his adolescence. It is a very easy read, only 100something pages. I finished it in about one and a half days. Brian is a good character, he doesn't like showing his feelings so it was nice to see is resolve weaken and him become more accepting of other people. There was also a lot of humor in it, since he's constantly thinking about broke up the seriousness of the novel. I liked this one a lot!



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