Torn to Pieces - Margot McDonnell

Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Seventeen year old Anne thought her mother was kind of quirky. In fact, her mom’s taste in 70s-esque furniture and mysterious frequent business trips were just the tip of the quirky iceberg. When her mom doesn’t come home on time from one of her long jaunts, Anne isn’t too surprised. But when a day late turns into a few days late, Anne knows something is very wrong.

She tries the hotel number that her mother left her, but it has been disconnected. Then a strange man keeps leaving messages on their answering machine, looking for a woman who doesn’t even live there. However, when Anne discovers a lengthy letter from her mother explaining why she has disappeared, the fabric of Anne’s relatively normal life is torn to pieces.

I really enjoyed this one! There was just enough suspense at a time so there's constantly something going on. I liked the writing a lot and the concept of the novel. It is divided between Anne's POV and letters her mother has written her, helping guide her through her life. There were so many twists I wasn't expecting that I had to keep reading. My heart went out to Anne and I was always going back and forth between trusting different people. It seems to change constantly! I really enjoyed this one!



Anonymous said...

I just read this book at loved it.

Anonymous said...

I read this book for a class project, it was really awesome!

swaggurllll(; said...

it was good you should read it(:

Anonymous said...

Very good! Adventurous,exciting,and many plot twits. It's a must read.

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