The Vast Fields of Ordinary - Nick Burd

Sunday, February 28, 2010
It’s Dade’s last summer at home. He has a crappy job at Food World, a “boyfriend” who won’t publicly acknowledge his existence (maybe because Pablo also has a girlfriend), and parents on the verge of a divorce. College is Dade’s shining beacon of possibility, a horizon to keep him from floating away.

Then he meets the mysterious Alex Kincaid. Falling in real love finally lets Dade come out of the closet—and, ironically, ignites a ruthless passion in Pablo. But just when true happiness has set in, tragedy shatters the dreamy curtain of summer, and Dade will use every ounce of strength he’s gained to break from his past and start fresh with the future.
What a gift Nick Burd has for writing! I fell in love with book within the first ten pages. The writing is very well constructed and articulate, Nick has a way of arranging words beautifully. All of the characters are so real and I felt as though Dade was a good friend and we were sitting on the patio just having a chat. Lucy has such a beautiful soul and she doesn't care about what anyone thinks and she is off on her own beaten path.

Dade's life is crumbling but when Alex comes along, I almost heart the music for the knight in shining armor. I honestly couldn't put this book down - it has everything a reader could want. There's drama, romance, heartbreak, angst, and even a little mystery and some parts where I shivered a bit. This is a complete page turner and I so recommend it to anyone! Alex and Dade completely win the cutest couple award and have replaced my favorite gay couple, Paul and Noah from Boy Meets Boy. Please check it out!



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