The Year I Turned Sixteen - Diane Schwemm

Friday, July 9, 2010
Rose dreams of becoming a singer, but when her obligations as the oldest sister start to hold her back, she faces an impossible decision.
Sick of being the "good" sister, Daisy is drawn to a boy with a more dangerous edge and pulls away from the people who care about her most.
Laurel must deal with the loss of someone close, but a new love in the wake of tragedy might be just what she needs.
With her sisters all figuring out their futures, Lily feels lost, and for the first time she must figure out who she is all on her own.
With more than cupcakes and candles on their minds, each of the Walker sisters is in for a sweet sixteen that will change everything.
Wow...a 700 page book in two days!

At first I was only reading this book because it's my largest novel, and I wanted to get it 'over with'. After beginning to read however, I was really glad I chose it just because it was a charming book! These four sisters were very real to me and having to deal with real situations. The book is long, but the voices of the girls are so easy that you get right through it.

I thought the writing was great and sometimes was a bit melodramatic, but it was still good. At times you could tell that it was written in the 90's because of some language, but then they'd add something contemporary to make it more updated.

This book was excellent and I think all readers will find something they relate to with each sister, if not all of them, A great read for anyone who is looking for their place in life and embarking on a journey to find your inner self.



Anonymous said...

I really like the cover for this one. Great review, it sounds my type of book :)

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