Send Me Down a Miracle - Han Nolan

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
There's a startling, almost itchy moment in every adolescent's life when she or he first realizes that adults are fallible. Yet, for 14-year-old Charity, the revelation is even more profound: not only is her dad (the town's preacher) merely wrong about the eccentric Adrienne Dabney, he's dang-blasted and over-the-top wrong. Although she's always been a perfect preacher's daughter, Charity is about to shock the whole town by standing up to her father, proving him wrong in front of God and everyone.
Very good read - Very much infused with religion so I don't recommend it if you don't believe in God. It's about a girl named Charity who is the preacher's daughter and has always been a goody goody until Adrienne moves into town. She's very different and artistic, doesn't care what people think and Charity is drawn to her. Then Adrienne claims to have seen God in a chair in her home and it turns their town completely upside down.



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