My Life as a Rhombus - Varian Johnson

Sunday, April 11, 2010
Homework plus strawberry ice cream equals a typical night for high school senior and math whiz Rhonda Lee. Angling for a full scholarship to Georgia Tech, the pressure is on. And dating isnt part of the equation. Teenage boys are only after one thing, right? She should know considering her last boyfriend left her heartbroken . . . and pregnant.
I really enjoyed this one, and I wasn't sure if I would. Normally I like to steer clear from the pregnancy teen novels because they only make me annoyed but this wasn't what I thought. I loved how the relationships changed between the characters and how Rhonda was desired even if she wasn't the best looking.

The ending was really good for me and it made up for Sarah's crazy mother. She really got my blood boiling! Towards the end things were tense and I was wondering what would happen and I love novels like that. I was pleasantly surprised to find the author was male. He really has a good insight into the female mind. His wife is a lucky woman! ;)



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