Up and running!

Sunday, April 18, 2010
Hey everyone,

So as you might know from my YouTube channel, I had some idiot delete my blog and the posts I had. At first I was annoyed because I'd put so much work into it and it was gone in a second. However I've realized I have missed owning a blog and I've decided to keep it up and not let someone's idiocy ruin my fun! We're back and I'm going to make it my belated New Year's Resolution to make this blog better and bring it to its full potential!

Happy reading!


Helen's Book Blog said...

How can someone else delete your blog?! That will encourage me to back up more often than I am (in fact, I'll go do it right now). Your new attitude sounds so healthy!

fredamans said...

Welcome back Laura! Good to see you posting again.

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